The Collection

The Temple de la Femme propounds about 300 sculptures achieved for most of them since year 2009.

The collection is permanently in evolution, depending on new creations, sculpture displacements off the Temple de la Femme, sometimes offshore (today, a dozen are in Australia for some years).

Sometimes, and that is their whished destiny, they are invited to quit once and for all the Temple de la Femme to move in at their buyer’s home and live new encounters and new adventures.

Thereafter, a glimpse on some among works presented today at the Temple de la Femme.

Want to know more

If you want more information about the sculptures, you are invited to consult the artist’s website: which shows more of them and more about them together with many other details.

You can also get in contact either by sending a message, either by phoning or simply by coming and discussion directly with the artist or the representative of “the Temple de la Femme Ambassadors” association.