Welcome au Temple de la Femme

The association « the Temple de la Femme AMBASSADORS »

Beginning or year 2018, Lucas Gimenez and Vincent Tournebize launch the association which purpose is to help for the promotion, the running and the animation of this very original place.

The Genesis of the place

I want it very close to my workshop, and situated in energetically positive room. The former hayloft of the old farm is chosen as an obviousness. Anyway, my first sculptures found there their ideal storage place since the very beginning of my professional sculpture activity.

The first significant construction works begin in year 2014: creation of a large mezzanine and metallic stairs, together with suspension and railings carried out by my neighbor and friend David (who makes also forged metallic sculptures). One anticipated inauguration for the first two showrooms is done end of year 2016.

Then expansion and wall openings works, are achieved during the year 2017 with some help of local and regional institutions. In parallel, I work on my todays biggest sculpture (begun in November 2106), which I intended to launch together with the inauguration of my new exhibition rooms in October 2017.

As always, both of the projects took some unforecasted delay, and were completed just on time …