Arts Sciences et Lettres exhibition – Paris

July 18-23, 2020 at the Thuilliers Gallery. Address in the attached invitation card. Opening on 18/07 from 4pm.carton opening ASL show of the summer 2020


Less than 10 minutes away from Hauterives, come and discover the Gallery-Museum of sculptures from the artist Vincent Tournebize, located in an old refurbished farm.

About 200 square meters on internal areas, and the surrounding gardens for outdoor exhibition, show hundreds of ceramic and bronze artworks.

Discover the place


Discover the collection of Ceramic and bronze sculptures, mainly following the theme of woman and fertility.
Several hundreds of sculptures form the artist Vincent Tournebize are permanently on display, and always on the move following temporary foreign exhibition and new creations.

Discover the collection

Practical information

The Temple de la Femme is opened potentially all year long, any day of the week, 24 hours a day (it is possible to visit by night with candlelight).  However, it is preferable to phone prior coming, to make sure that somebody is available to welcome you (in case of art fairs and miscellaneous absences ….)

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